Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rainy Day Picnic

Kyle and I had planned a picnic this weekend. We have a cute picnic basket with plastic wine glasses, and matching plates and everything. We were going to go to the beach in the evening, and have a romantic movie-style beach picnic...
But it rained. And rained. And rained.

So we moved our picnic indoors to our living room. We did lay out a plaid blanket and ate our food on the floor. We went for simple, cold foods- it was very continental.
This was our spread-

The pictures were going to be beautiful and scenic and jealousy-inspiring: us lounging on a beach at sunset, sipping wine and relaxing... but, since we were just in our boring living room, you just get the food.
We had a loaf of soft french bread, apples and grapes, prosciutto, chorizo, some Irish cheddar, pesto and olive oil to dip the bread in. We also had a bottle of L'Orval Merlot. It was very casual and rustic- we just tore off bits of bread and ate it with our meats and cheeses. The wine was nice- round and fruity, but nothing too fancy (I happened to see it at Publix the other day for $6.99- I can't remember if I bought it at the grocery store or the wine shop or if it was a gift...)

The whole thing was delish, and an easy, stress-free weekend dinner. Even without the beach, it was a pleasant (and gave us a chance to watch some DVR'd episodes of Mad Men.) Maybe next time the weather will be more co-operative.


Jenna said...

are you alive over there? Jim Cantore on the weather channel was in Melbourne and it looked pretty bad..... I miss you guys in class!!! We have 27 ppl in the chocolate and sugar room and its insane. Chef Thiery doesn't know what to do with us!!

La Pixie said...

your picnic looks so cute. we dont exactly have rainy day picnics here in AZ, but we have the-sun-will-kill-us-if-we-go-outside picnics. you dont mind if I steal your idea with my boyfriend for this Sunday, do you? its supposed to be 110. and Im a fellow fall lover (already on the lookout for pumpkins), so weather still so hot makes my heart ache!

Pumpkin said...

I can sympathize- I'm so pale, I'm practically flammable, so I'm a little wary of the sun!
Please, do steal the idea! It was such a relaxing low-stress meal... and very romantic!

Lunch Buckets said...

Too bad about the rain! You should have shoved a couple of handfuls of sand in your pants for a more authentic experience :)

Fitnessista said...

the pic is still beautiful and jealousy-inspiring, even without the beach :) you've got CHORIZO (i love love love chorizo and it's impossible to find in georgia) and everything looks wonderful.
hope this stinky rain clears up soon! have a great weekend

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) said...

Awww, a picnic indoors sounds great!